First Meetings

I wrote on the Business Owners Success Club about getting out and how important it is to meet people.  I wrote about 2 people I met at a breakfast and I had planned on following up with them.

When I first meet someone I’m all ears, I want to find out about them.  I want to know what they are passionate about.  If I can help them, I do it.  I get a thrill from passing on a tip or a hint or a great resource.  My favourite, though is when I can connect 2 people I think will be able to help each other.  The ball, is then in their court.  I love doing that!

Once in a while a meet someone whose passion matches mine and that’s when I can practically hear that ‘Click’ sound.  Usually when we first meet we don’t have enough time to get into too much depth, so we set up a further meeting.

In this case, I met with both of them over the past 2 days to discuss a project having to do with automating accounting.  Both meetings went well, and in both cases we are moving forward to the next step.

In an initial meeting, I’m looking for values compatibility, for matched expectations and for personality fit.  I’m only trying to figure out if I want to keep talking to them – to set up the next meeting.  We’re exploring and asking questions.  Before we end the meeting, we agree on how and when to follow up and what we should do or bring for the next step.  We are still exploring, and in a lot of ways we are helping one another get clear about what we want.

That’s how you build a team: one person/group at a time.

Who have you clicked with recently?

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