Jason Fried about Getting Good at Making Money

Jason Fried of 37Signals knows a thing or 2 about making money. He’s been doing it most of his life – quite successfully. I must admit to not being totally enthralled with his book Rework, but I didn’t actually finish it so maybe it got better. I do love this article of his in Inc Magazine.

Here is a very abbreviated outline of this article. Go read the article, it won’t take long and you will have the outline here to refer to later.

  •  People buy for many reasons almost none of them have to do with the features of your product. The facts are used to justify the decision that is already made.
  •  Find out what the most important factors are.  Make them an integral part of your offering and your marketing.
  •  Practice, practice and listen to your customers.
  •  People will pay if they like it. Even if it’s free elsewhere.
  •  There are lots of different models for pricing. Predictability for you and the customer works for both of you. Take away the risk as much as possible
  •  Bootstrapping means a focus on getting a product out fast that starts pulling in money. That means focusing on what customers want.
  • Practice, test, try again.

What one thing did you take from this that you will change from your business?

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