A Product Shipped and a Book in the Works

Your Effortless Business is being built as an Information Business.  At its most stripped down version this means a business where the main product is information.  In this case the what and how of crafting Your Effortless Business.

Three announcements:

  1. I have created my first product and put it up under Resources.  It’s a tool to help you welcome a new hire on their first day.  It’s pretty comprehensive and is designed to make them feel welcome and to help them hit the ground running.
  2. I have written a book and it is launching on February 29th!
  3. I will be presenting a live and in person, 2-day, Crafting Your Effortless Business workshop in early March.

As I build this business I will pull back the curtain from time to time to let you see the workings of an online Information Business.  It’s not about Crafting Your Effortless Business, but about how I make this business; although, of course, I will be using Effortless Business principles.  Consider this the meta-view.

I want to break down what an Information Business is.  First you develop an idea or concept.  It should be at that wonderful confluence of your Passion, your Expertise, and something people Need enough to pay for it.  This is the information part.

The business part means that there should be an economic engine there.  Usually that means consulting, coaching, workshops, memberships or speaking.  There will be products, too.  These are usually books, workbooks, home-study courses or tools.

How the book came about

I decided to write out Your Effortless Business as a way to clarify it in my mind and to have it.  Some friends of mine were starting a publishing project and were looking for manuscripts to use as a guinea pig.  I sent them mine and they liked it, but asked that I expand it into book size – small book size, but book size.  I spent the last month writing every morning.

They have a full team and a strategy and support and professional feedback.  I’ve done this before, written a document and then I get to a place where everything I want to say is down, but it doesn’t flow, doesn’t make sense and isn’t making my thoughts persuasively clear.  Enter Joel Canfield.  We met virtually and talked through what I had and what I was trying to convey.  He helped me see a structure and a flow that makes the ideas come alive.

The book is now in the hands of our first reader, my good  friend Connie.  She will give us feedback from a gross level that will help me fill in gaps and clarify specific ideas.  Next, Tom will edit.  He will be looking at the writing itself, making it clean.  Finally, Leigh Anne will take Asia’s cover design, my writing (if I can still call such a team effort ‘my writing’) and make it into the book form.

This book could be called the Effortless Book all because of working with a team of professionals.  They’ve made the process Predictable – I know what to expect each step of the way.  We are using the appropriate tools, I’m making the time I need and Joel is great at keeping my head in the right place.  We have a great team.   The remuneration to me will come from several sources – book sales, yes, but others, too.  Books tend to be a springboard for other projects such as consulting, coaching, workshops, and speaking.

If you are interested in creating an Information Business, then follow along by signing up for the updates.   I am posting about Crafting Your Effortless Business and I am pulling back the curtain to show you this Effortless Business as I build it.

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  1. Wonderful Frances !


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