Harvest – a predictably wonderful business

If you are focusing on predictability. environment, team and profitability does that mean you are not working on marketing, operations, HR and finance?

Of course not.

It does mean taking a different view of them: one that’s predictable, creates a great environment with a great team and that pays well.  You can’t do that if your product or service isn’t top notch; if you don’t have a clear vision; if your finances are in a mess.

Harvest for your home is predictable. Every time I go there, the staff are helpful, enthusiastic and happy. They sell beautiful things I can’t find anywhere else. The tea is hot and fragrant. Those things are predictable and they are remarkable. Michele is very clear on who, what, where, when and why she is selling her goods.

She and her staff know what to do when goods are delivered and when people buy. That doesn’t mean the business is boring or average. It means that when I go there, the surprises are all about the interesting things they have found for my home and garden; the delightful way they have arranged them and the unusual flavour of the tea today.

That’s their story. Their marketing consists of telling that story.

Are you clear on your 5W’s? Do all your team members know what to expect? Are all your surprises good ones? Do you have a great story? How do you share it?

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