Week 1 – What’s it Going to Be?

How did you you do with recording your tasks and how you felt about them?

1. What work gave you energy, put you in flow, moved you and your business forward?

2. What sapped you? What did you do (or not do) that was a slog, ground you to a halt, felt like you were spinning in circles?

3. What made you crazy? What irritated you?

What percentage of your time did you spend in each of these three categories?

You want and need to do more of #1, give away all of the work in #2 and mine #3 for areas of improvement.

Creating Your Effortless Business is about making your efforts give you maximum results. It’s about eliminating low-result work and clearing away irritants.

Tracking your tasks over one day isn’t going to give you an accurate picture of your time, but it will give you an indication. Recognize that if you aren’t spending any time on work that moves you forward or  changes your circumstances, you will be doing the same things and be in the same place in one month, one year and one decade from now.

Now that you have a picture of how you spend your time and how that makes you feel, what is one thing that you can change that will make a difference? What is one thing you can do that will have you spending more time and energy on #1 work or less on #2 or clearing away #3 (for you and for others).

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