Enter – Janet

Janet was a roofer. She loved the idea of helping a family be warm and dry. She loved the freedom of her own business. When she started out, it was just her, a friend and a truck. They had fun, made some money and life was good. Her friend moved on and now it’s just her running the show.

Every time she met her friend Kathy, the banker, they ended up talking about how to grow her business. Every time she tried, she ended up with more headaches and less profit. She was alright not making as much if it meant she was going to end up in a better place.

She has 2 really great people working with her. She feels responsible to them and wants to make sure she treats them well.

But there is always something. Like today. She dropped her crew off and went to another networking event.  This was one of those things Kathy told her she had to do.  An hour and a half later, she checked her phone to find a message from the girls. The homeowner asked them not to work today because her daughter was home sick. She had to go, pick up the girls and take them to the next job while calling the building supply place and begging them to deliver the materials a few days early. They did for a $50 fee, of course. She had to pay the girls, not charge the homeowner and now she was juggling 2 jobs instead of finishing one and moving to the next.

By the time she was ready to do the recent estimates (late already) the day was more than ½ over. She was supposed to follow up with the people she met this morning – that’s what you do, right. She had to pick up a cheque for last week’s work and hope he had it ready this time so she could pay the girls tomorrow. Then she had to do payroll.

Why was she doing this? Was she in business to provide jobs and solid roofs? What about her? She wasn’t getting any younger.

She should be able to grow her company to the point where she didn’t have to work so hard, she should be able to keep several crews working and make decent enough money that she could put some away.

What was wrong with her?

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