Janet doubts, but then…

Karen knew something was up as soon as Janet walked through the door.

“Bad day?”
“If only it were just one day. No it feels like a lifetime of bad days.”
“Then you are going to love this.” and Karen handed Janet a book.
“Your Effortless Business? I wish.”
“One of my clients turned around his business, well, he turned around his life. Our kids are on the same soccer team and he’s made it out to every game this year. That’s a first for him. When I asked him what changed, he told me about this book. I bought it and read it and I couldn’t help but think of you.”

As soon as Janet got home she started reading.

The next day the fires started early. The weather forecast was for heavy rain over the weekend. She had 2 roofs exposed and 2 others that were leaking and wanting her to fix them. She still had to get that cheque into the bank and give the girls their pay cheques before noon.

She stopped and took a breath to think it through. It was still early enough to finish those 2 estimates before she left. All she had to do was write them up. What if she had a template with her logo and information printed right on it, instead of the generic pad she bought? She wrote a note to remind herself to look into that, wondering as she wrote it, whether she ever would.

Then she would get the girls, give them their cheques and take them to the second house. Janet was pretty sure they could be done by early afternoon. then she would take them to the first house, hope the sick kid was better and they could finish that job before dark. That would make a long day for them, but she’d buy them supper and give them the weekend off 😉 In the meantime, she would call her friend Mike, and they would go to the 2 other jobs, close the sales and do whatever needed to be done to patch the roofs, if they could. Once done with that, they would grab a pizza and join the girls and all 4 of them would finish that job.

With a little thought and planning, this Effortless Business thing could actually work. As she went about her day, she kept one part of her brain thinking about what else she could do to make her life and business easier.

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