Janet’s Plans

Janet and Mike went back to Janet’s place at the end of the day. As he stepped out of the shower, Mike heard that happy sound of a beer opening. “Thanks for the beer, Janet. What do you want me to do for supper while you have a shower?”
“You can grill the steaks, if you want. Salad’s made, spuds are roasting. I’ll be right with you. Thanks”

“Delicious, thanks, Janet.”

“The steaks were perfectly cooked, Mike. Thanks for helping out today. You were great with the customers. You were the one who closed those 2 estimates If they pay on time, the next few weeks will be a breeze.”

“Why wouldn’t they pay on time? What do you consider to be on time?”

“I’d like to get the cheque as we are cleaning up after the job.”

“Is cash flow your biggest problem?”

“It’s more than cash flow. It’s working with the customers. I love every one of them and I want to give them all I can. I believe everyone deserves a safe, secure home and I do all I can to give them that. It’s also why I do what I do with Habitat for Humanity. Sometimes their problems are bigger than I can fix. I hear about how they are getting screwed by other contractors, by mortgage companies and how their property taxes keep going up and their wages don’t. I want to do everything I can to help, but if I’m chasing payments and juggling bills it’s hard to give my all to my customers”

“Janet, you have the biggest heart of anyone I know. I can’t believe that you don’t do enough for your customers.”
“Sometimes it feels like the more I give, the more they need.”

“What about getting paid on time?”

“I know how hard it is to get money so I don’t like to push. It just adds stress they don’t need.”

“How would you do it, if you could?”

“I’d do a full audit on their house and help them make a plan to do the work. I think about doing that service, but I can’t come up with a price I think they would pay and would be worth it if I had to pay someone to do the work.”

“It sounds like you need to get very clear about how you can help and what you need in return.”

After Mike left and just before Janet fell asleep she thought about their conversation and how today had turned out pretty good after all. Your Effortless Business may be a possibility after all. She was going to make that happen by working on her relationship with her customers, first.

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