The Keys to Predictability

As you think about your business challenge this week keep in mind the 4 keys to Your Effortless Business:

  • Give yourself time and space to think
  • Belong to a group (mastermind)
  • Sell what people want to buy
  • Communication

We’ve already talked about the necessity to give yourself time and space to think. Think about your business, what you need it to give you and how you like to work. These are important considerations for designing a solution.

The more deep thinking you do, the more easily you can get into it. It is an important habit you need to form and you need to work it into your schedule.

Talk to your mastermind group. Get their feedback, learn from their experiences, listen to their perspectives. We are all different. We perceive things through our own lenses. If you know that, you can communicate in a way that helps everyone hear you and understand what you are saying.

People want to buy a solution to a problem they have. They will pay less than the cost to themselves (in money, time or headache). You must be able to deliver that solution at or for less than they perceive the value to be. The second part of this, is that they must believe they will get those predictable results.

Figure out a way to test that solution, communicate your solution and get feedback. Test, adjust, test, adjust.  This process helps you get to a solution that will give you predictable results.

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