Janet and the girls talk about Predictability

Janet was helping Maggie and Michelle load the truck with the tools. Mrs Winchester came out with a tray of lemonade and some cookies. “I swear I will explode if I have another glass of that delicious lemonade.” whispered Maggie.

“Thank you so much girls. I was so worried about my roof. I watched the weather forecast every day hoping it wouldn’t rain. Have another cookie. You’ll mail me your bill, right and I’ll send a cheque along straight away. Thank you, again.”

“Err. Your welcome, Mrs. Winchester. We’re happy you’re not worrying anymore.” replied Janet.  She wasn’t worried about not getting paid, but she could sure use the cheque right now.

As they got underway in the truck, Michelle said,” At the last place I worked, we got the final cheque as soon as the work was done. What is your policy about getting paid? It just seems like sometimes you get paid right away but for others’ I know you’ve had to chase a few of them.”

“Well, I…”

“The last company I worked for made really good money. They bought new trucks all the time.” said Maggie

“How did they treat you guys? Did they really care about their customers?” asked Janet

“It was okay. We all did what was expected. I like working with you, you don’t push us so hard and I can’t imagine getting lemonade and cookies from the homeowners there. But, to tell you the truth, Janet, I worry sometimes that you don’t charge enough. It feels like we are always kind of scraping by. And what if anything happened to you? The whole thing would stop. Everything depends on you” Both girls looked a little worried. It seemed like they had discussed this together before.

“That’s a good point and I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. I have some ideas about how to make things work better here, but, every time I think about charging more I think about people like Mrs. Winchester on a fixed income.”

Maggie and Michelle looked at each other. “She’s doing okay. We saw her write a cheque for the carpenter who built her gazebo. He looked pretty happy with it. Janet, you need to separate business and helping. Charge appropriately and get paid right away. Then figure out another way to help people.”

“We could help!” they both said.

Janet didn’t feel so alone anymore. The conversation emphasized how important predictability was for everyone.

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