Week 3 – Starting

Ah the start.

Starting can be the hardest part. We have to leave the safe harbour of the dream state and head out into the stormy waters of reality. We find out if we were right or not. Our ideas, dreams and assumptions bump up against reality; against unknown forces.

Starting means committing. We are saying we are doing this, even if it is only to ourselves. We like feeling we are consistent, so it is difficult to stop once we have started.

It means choices have been made to not start other things. We have rejected some options and we have chosen others. Choices collapse. We could be shutting the door forever on some options. We only have so much time, so if we are starting something new, it means we are giving up something. It could be sleep, family, tv or exercise. IT doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad for us, we are giving up doing something else.

Starting leads directly to success and/or failure; both of which can be very scary. Now that we have started, we will find out if we have what it takes. It’s now up to us. Once we start, we find out about ourselves.

Starting takes effort, thought, energy and time. Now we have to do the work. We have to break through inertia. It’s easier not to do anything than to do it.

It’s much easier not to start.  It’s so much easier to plan, to dream, to test assumptions than to pick one option and do it.

Starting before we are sure of the outcome, is uncertain and we don’t like uncertainty.  We like guarantees. We like to know what to expect. Starting in the face of uncertainty takes courage.

Nothing changes; nothing happens until we start. This week we are starting.


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