The Joy of the Start

“I have this new idea for a business.”

Thinking about starting

How many times a day do entrepreneurs say that? We see life as full of opportunity. I don’t know about you, but I could start a new business every week – if I had the time, the team, the resources and the guts to fail at 50% of them. Dreaming about new ventures releases those endorphins. Our brains react as though we are doing it, not just thinking about it. It gives us a rush.

Starting the mundane tasks

Starting, per se, isn’t that hard. I dash off emails initiating meetings, projects and ideas all the time. That isn’t so hard. (Follow-up is a discussion for another day.) The employees’ handbook? The client intake form? To stop checking email, to pass on some tasks, to create a training plan for staff. These kinds of starts aren’t as much fun. So they don’t get started.

Stopping to start

Hand in hand with starting, is stopping. Starting something means clearing away other projects. It’s amazing how much we can not do if we just don’t. It’s amazing how easy it is to pass on tasks if we take the time to set it up right.

Delayed start

“Effortless Business! That’s what I need. I just want to get this business running smoothly. I have projects I want to do.”
We have this vision of a mythical time when our lives will finaly be all in order, and then, oh then, we can be free to do the fun projects we’ve always wanted to do.

I’ve got news for you. That time will never come. There is always more to do. So if you want to work on that project.

Start it. Now.

Set aside the first hour of every day for your fun projects. That hour will do more for fueling your energy, creativity, thinking and patience than anything else you can do.  You’ll find you tolerate the way your business is run less and you will start making the changes you need to make. Just so you can get back to the fun stuff.

The worst that will happen is that you figure out how to spend your whole days with your fun projects.

Never mind that voice saying you must eat your veggies before you can have desert. Eat desert first. You’ll enjoy it more.

What project do you have on the back burner that you want to start?

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  1. I *love* eating dessert first.

    And I love playing with my art before I get down to business, playing the new game before I get out the pick and shovel.

    I love all my work, but some of it is creatively freeing, and some of it is just work I love.

    I keep making myself “do the work” before I play. Yet instinctively, I know that the play is not only therapeutic and useful, it’s probably what’s going to be paying the bills next year or the year after that.

    It just makes sense to spend my best time building the new home, and what’s left cleaning the old one.

    • Good point, Joel. The projects we do now, are what brings the money next year.

      I love this: “It just makes sense to spend my best time building the new home, and what’s left cleaning the old one.”


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