Keys to Getting Paid Well

Sell what people want to buy

Listen to your people! What questions are they asking you? What do they want from you? How do they like to work with you?

Implement some feedback you get. Now they are co-creating with you! Your offering has gone from a sales pitch to a mutual project. Now you’re cooking.


Communicate so your customers feel appreciated

More people leave because they feel unappreciated than for any other reason. Listen, really listen. People can tell the difference.

Listen and make changes! Now they know you heard them.

Communicate the results you will provide. Of course, they are the results your people really want.
Take the time and space to think and get comfortable with this aspect of your business

Seth Godin once said to me (and everyone else in the auditorium) “You can’t sell what you won’t buy.” You can’t sell books, ebooks, coaching, pools, cars, professional services or anything else if you won’t buy them yourself. In his story it was knives door-to-door. He bought a set and successfully sold them. His colleague didn’t buy a set and didn’t sell many. If you aren’t comfortable buying, you can’t be persuasive selling.

You have to be proud of your price. As you name your price, you have to look the other person in the eye, with your chin held high and say it right out loud. If you can’t do that, you won’t sell your goodies. Take the time to get very comfortable with your value and your price.
Get feedback from your mastermind group about your price and offering

These decisions can’t be made in a vacuum. Your mastermind group can help you with examples of others who have offered similar and how they did with their pricing.

Your mastermind group can help you get comfortable with your price. They will push you to raise your prices when the time is right. They will give you 10 reasons why you are worth what you are asking.

Who, what, how, how much?

Fill in your work sheets for this week. Think about them, talk them over with your mastermind group, tell your customers about them.

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