Be Awesome, Let People Know

Michelle and Maggie giggled with delight when Janet gave them the business cards with their names on them. They had oohed and aahed over the the new name and logo on the truck. Janet’s Roofing. The Careful Roofers.

They got to the new job and Janet put their sign on the lawn making the girls giggle again.

“Have you got everything you need?” asked Janet preparing to leave the girls.

Maggie had a look at the delivery. “We’re short a piece of starter strip.” She picked up the packing slip and had a look. Janet smiled to herself to see Maggie taking control of ‘her’ site,

“Janet, how do you order the materials for each job? You are very good at it. We almost always have just the right amount of everything.”

“I picture the job as I call it in.”

“Don’t you do a take-off when you do the estimate? Do you do it twice?”

“Sort of, I guess. This is pretty easy for me.”

“What if you do the estimate and give me a copy and I’ll call in the order. It’ll save you a step and I’ll get to learn more about how to estimate and manage.”

As they were driving home at the end of the day, they chatted about where to drive the truck and where to park it to get more exposure, now that they had the logo on the door.

“I’ll be at the Habitat for Humanity building site Friday and Saturday. I’ve decided to make it our official charity. I like giving back and now that we are getting paid better for our work, I can help out this way.”

“Me too!” they both called out.

“We want to help, too. I love Habitat for Humanity”

“It’s fun to teach other people, especially if there are kids there.” said Michelle.

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