Week 5 – Worksheet for How

Steps to Your Effortless Business:

  1. See that it does happen and believe that it can happen for you, too.
  2. Cultivate awareness of yourself and your business.
  3. Do things differently to get different results
  4. Eliminate what you don’t need.
  5. Start with the easiest, but start.
  6. Do, fail, do, win, celebrate and do some more.

I’m traveling this week, and I’m trying to make things easier, so I am posting your worksheet right here in the post.

It can happen

Can you do this? Can you make YOUR business effortless? Can you make your business EFFORTLESS?

Of course you can. Look around, you will find other people who have businesses that support the lifestyle they choose.

Examine your own life, you will find aspects of it that you have made effortless. You will find they are centered around your strengths, around systems you have set up and around what interests you.

Apply the same methods to the areas of your business that are not effortless.

What part of your life or business is effortless now?

What can you apply from that part to other parts that are not so effortless?



Comfort Zone

If you continue to do what you always did, you will continue to get the results you always got. You must be willing to try things a new way.

Do something out of your comfort zone this week. Talk to someone you wouldn’t normally talk to; break your routine, take on a task that you don’t know how to do, then figure out how to do it.




In order to make room for new ways, you will have to get rid of some old ways that are holding you back.

Eliminate one time suck from your routine this week. What will you eliminate? Automate the elimination, if you can (turn off email) or create a reminder to keep you on track. This is not easy to do. Cut yourself some slack. Keep at it.



Be willing to fail and be willing to celebrate your successes

Both of these are equally important. Failure is an inevitable consequence of trying new things. It’s also how we learn best. If we aren’t willing to fail, we won’t learn.

People don’t like failure. The hardest part of failure is what we think other people are thinking. The people we love want to see us happy, healthy, safe and wealthy. The people around us don’t want to see themselves in our failure. There are even people who delight in others’ failure so they can feel justified in not trying any more.

Choose one failure this week and think deeply about it to learn what you can from it. The more deeply you think it through, the more you will learn. It’s easy to find the superficial lessons, but more rewarding to think it through to get the more subtle lessons.

What failure will you think about?


What lessons did you learn?




Celebrating success is essential so that you reaffirm that behaviour. Focusing always on what isn’t done or working creates a constant state of anxiety. We need to come out of that state so we can repair the damage of stress on our bodies. We need to enter a state of joy and accomplishment so we can reaffirm the reasons for why we are doing this.

Choose one accomplishment this week and celebrate it. You could celebrate that you successfully eliminated a time sucking task!

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