Maggie and Michelle Want Company

Janet couldn’t put it off any longer. She was afraid the girls wouldn’t like her news.“Maggie and Michelle, we need to hire another crew.”

“My friend, Robb would love to work here.” said Michelle.

“Remember that guy, Steve? He seemed like he’d fit in well and Gary says he’s a good worker.”

“Who’s Gary?” asked Janet and she saw Maggie blush. “Michelle supplied the answer, “He drives the delivery truck for the Building Supply Company. That’s why we always get our materials on time.”

“You guys wouldn’t mind if we had another crew?”

“We’re pretty busy and it would be fun to have more people. We could get together for beers after work and have company parties. People are always asking us if there are ever openings.”

“What do you say?”

“Depends if we like them. Sometimes we say no and others we say, not yet.”

For the first time, Janet thought this might work. She smiled at the girls. They were right, it would be fun to have a bigger group all working together. “I wrote up a training and orientation program for new hires. I’d like you two to go through it and give me feedback.”

“Great! Maybe next time I can give it.” said Maggie. Janet could see a manager in the making and she smiled to herself.

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