Janet Builds Her Team

“How are Robb and Steve working out?”

‘”They are a little faster than you guys, but not as careful.” Michelle frowned. She was competitive and Janet could see her thinking about speeding up her work. “I couldn’t imagine putting them anywhere near Mr Wilson’s roses.” That eased the competitive spirit a little.

“We don’t get to see them very often.” prompted Maggie.

“I have a surprise for you. We got the contract to reroof the Boat Club.”

“Holy cow, that’s huge.” “Isn’t that a heritage building?”

“Yes, Maggie, it is a Heritage building, but as long as all we do is replace the cedar shakes, we’ll be in keeping. We’ll all be working on that one together. We’ll also have to hire some grunts to get the materials to the roof. The gardens surrounding the Club House mean we won’t be able to boom the materials onto the roof this time.”

“Do we have to wear gowns to work there?” They laughed. The Boat Club is considered the ritziest place in Town and it is no stranger to Gowns and Tuxes.

“We will have to be on our best behaviour. This will be a great chance to instill more of our “Roofers Who Care” culture with the new crew.” Janet felt Robb and Steve didn’t listen to everything she said and take it all the way to heart. They were too experienced for her to need to train them, but that also meant they had their own bad habits. Without hovering, she hadn’t been able to see how they acted.

Another hot and sunny day working at the Boat Club. There were six of them working, because they needed two young grunts to keep the roofers in shingles. One of them was a great worker and he was interested in the work. Janet was already trying to figure out how to add him to the team. But the other….


Janet’s face flamed red and she looked around the patio to see who else had heard that. No one seemed to react, maybe they were too far away, but this would never do.

She gave the new guy a stern talking to about appropriate language and sent him back to work. Later she came across him sitting on a chair on the patio, he said he was on break. Janet told him to take his break somewhere else.

Later six of them were cleaning up the tools and packing the truck. Maggie said, “The new guy isn’t working out.”

“Which one?”, asked Janet. Everyone else looked at each other and Janet noticed that one of the crew wasn’t there helping out. It was the one she had spoken to earlier. “Where is he?”

“Must be break time. Again.” said Robb.

“I have to fire him, don’t I? I’ll see about getting us another helper tomorrow.

“I can keep up. I pretty much did it on my own today.” said Alex, now a part of the crew.

“We can pitch in by bringing up a bundle every time we go up on the roof.” Steve was a big guy.

The next day the Commodore approached Janet, “You seem to be short a crew member.”

“We had to let one of them go. We will carry on with five for now.”

“Putting together a crew that pulls together isn’t easy. You know what they say, ‘hire slow and fire fast’. Good for you. I’ve had to fire a good number of men in my time and it’s never easy, but it comes with leadership. I wasn’t sure if I should talk to you about him, but I see you had his number.”

“I’m sorry, did he disturb your guests?” Janet thought of that word ringing out over the patio.

“No, not at all. We want you to succeed and he was making for choppy waters. Very good Corporal, er, Janet”

Janet liked the idea that even her customers wanted her to succeed.

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