Janet Gets Scared

Janet rolled out of bed, grabbed her coffee and sat on her deck. Usually she was at her desk by now ā€“ checking email, reading the news and seeing what was happening with the world. Today she felt like she didn’t care, that she couldn’t take in any more information. She needed to think.

A lot was happening and happening fast. Sometimes she was scared. Her heart beat fast, her stomach churned and she just wanted to go home to bed. Other times she was thrilled, proud of herself and her team and happy with the way things were working out.

She felt like she was wobbling along on a tightrope. She felt dizzy, things were happening around her faster than she could deal with them.

She felt an underlying vague sense of unease, of not being in the right place all the time. She felt things weren’t right. She felt uncertain, that she wasn’t sure how things would work out in the end and she didn’t like feeling this way.

Was it worth it? She thought back to a year ago when it was just the three of them. They were doing all right. Wasn’t that enough?


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