Janet Sees her Environment with New Eyes

Janet pulled into the job site just after lunch. She gathered up the papers that were strewn over the seat and stuffed them back into the file folder. She pushed them into the space behind her seat. She laughingly referred to it as her file cabinet. She kicked the water bottles, empty packaging and coffee cups away from the door so they wouldn’t fall out.

She was still wearing her business meeting clothes from her meeting at the bank. Maggie smiled at the juxtaposition of the contractor’s messy truck and the smart looking business woman. Then cocked her head and stopped smiling.

Michelle, :”Hey boss, when are you going to get a new truck, or at least clean that one?”

“Very funny!”

“I mean it, Janet. That’s your office, isn’t it? And it looks like a wreck. What do you think your customers think? What do potential customers think? Could there be jobs we didn’t get because of it? It’s the face of your business.” continued Michelle

“I’d have a hard time thinking in that kind of mess. I need a calm, serene place to do my best thinking.” Everyone was surprised to hear that from Alex. He was such a physical guy, the idea of him needing a serene place to think had them all pausing to think.

“I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing good clothes in there. It looks messy, so it seems grimey.” added Maggie.

“My last boss’s truck looked like that. He was forever losing receipts, forgetting to invoice people and not tracking our hours properly. Somehow he didn’t make the connection between his messy truck and not being able to run his business efficiently.” said, Robb.

Janet’s crew looked at her to see how she would react. She turned to look at her truck and saw it with new eyes. That was her office and it was the face of the Careful Roofers that others’ saw. Her truck didn’t project the concept of careful roofers.

She thought about how she did her best thinking on her back deck. She thought it was only because of the timing, but she now realized it was the environment as well. She thought of the nice places she liked to be in and how she felt in other places.

“You guys are right. If you are okay here, I’m going to fix that up right now. I’ll be back in a few hours.”

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