What you and Hobbits Have in Common

Rebooting to Your Effortless Business is a quest that takes you from your comfortable hearth to an epic and uncertain journey. Why would you even contemplate doing such a thing? Because your comfortable hearth has become increasingly uncomfortable or it is a trap that keeps you from taking the epic journey you want to take. Think of your journey forward as a quest just like the great ones in stories.


In the great quests, our hero knows very clearly what he has to accomplish. All else is unclear. The way forward, the paths to be followed, the dangers to be encountered, the distractions and the people he will meet, who will help, hinder or do both. The most important thing and the most difficult part of the entire journey is to begin. Even in the face of all that uncertainty.

They set out together

There is almost always a ‘they’ because epic adventures can’t be done alone. No one person has the courage, the knowledge, the strengths, the skills and the contacts to do it on their own. They know that and welcome the help. You, our hero start this journey knowing you cannot succeed on your own.

The band that gathers around you each bring their own unique skill or knowledge that will be vital to the success of the journey. Some will join because they believe in you. Some will join because they know that you can help each other. Some will take persuasion, but you will both benefit in the end. It is that pooling of resources that spells the success of the journey for all.

There is a wise guide who starts you on this journey and continues to show up right when needed. There can be many other guides as you go, usually associated with specific territory. These guides keep you moving forward and they bring specific resources you couldn’t get otherwise.

Adventures ensue

The path is never fully clear. It’s one thing to know where you are and where you want to end up, it’s another to know the safest and fastest route. There is usually a trade-off between safest and fastest. Sometimes safest is important, but more often fastest is. This is where your courage comes into play.

There are dangers to be met. Okay, let’s be real here. There aren’t Orks waiting to cut you in half, or Imperial Storm Troopers itching to blow up our planet. The dangers you encounter will all be in your head. Losing a whole bunch of money is a drag. Not making payroll is very uncomfortable. Having creditors call eats at your ego. But you won’t die from doing this. I’m not saying your health (physical and mental) won’t suffer if you let it. That is entirely up to you. Really. You control the most important environment here and that is your mind. Treat your mind like your most precious asset. The land you navigate is the one you see in your mind. Make it one that works for you. This is the biggest difference between people who make it and those who don’t.

Many times the way is blocked and you will have to go back and try a different way. This isn’t a maybe, it is a certainty. Prepare yourself for this. This is what they mean by fail fast and fail often. Try a route, if it doesn’t work, try another one. That works on the level of headlines, product offerings, funding sources and businesses.

There is help along the way

Sometimes, the cause seems hopeless and all is lost. It is at that moment, that the right help appears. Recognize it, take it and appreciate it. It’s easy to see the right help when it’s more warriors joining you in a battle or a wizard with a spell to stop a monster. It’s important not to lose sight of the world around you as troubles come and must be ready to open up to help that may take any number of forms.

Sometimes you have to give something to get something. In epic stories, many times the hero has to give up something in order to get something that will help. Be prepared to make that trade off to invest in your most important tool – you.

Our adventurers take rest when they can

Intense battle cannot be sustained forever and our adventurers rest, eat and repair when they can. So should you. Your health and ability to carry on depend on it. Recognize cycles and work with them. When you find a respite, use it, don’t lament the loss of intensity. Adrenaline is an addictive substance, but it will drain you. This is a choice you must consciously make, so make it.

There is failure

Things don’t work. A route is tried and is blocked and you will have to return the way you came to try a different way. It is disheartening, but you will rally and go forward again.

People are lost. No, they don’t die, they move away, they change focus, they decide to play another game. This is when you adjust your strategy, you draw on your reserves (that you invested the resources to build when you could) or you find someone to fill the gap.

Failure is when you give up, not when it doesn’t work. As long as you keep trying, you haven’t failed, you have found a new way not to do it.

This is another one of those cases when you realize this isn’t life or death. You’ll make it. You just have to try another way.

Critical help is sought and refused

No matter the necessity and purity of the quest, sometimes motives collide and help that you thought was essential, is not going to happen. Sometimes this necessitates a change in strategy, sometimes it means looking for that help elsewhere; sometimes it means doing the work to align motives and convince the helper to help.

Plans are reexamined regularly

Roadblocks are encountered, new information comes or needs are uncovered. The leaders come together and discuss the best way forward. You ask advice, you scout ahead and you make choices. Sometimes it is choosing the lesser of two evils. Sometimes it is stepping into the abyss, the unknown, trusting that you will figure it out as you go.

Once in a while it means turning from the path to pursue a necessary piece of the puzzle. You may need new information, new tools or new skills. It may feel like you are deviating away from the goal, and you are. As long as the deviation takes you closer to where you are going or helps you leapfrog a block, it is a worthy investment.

But, always the way is towards the end goal.

Motives Diverge

When you are not in alignment, it is time to part ways.

Others in your band have their own needs and obligations. They are all on their own quests While motives are converged, all can be working together, but there comes a time when members may have to step away from your quest in order to further their own. Everyone must benefit from the journey in their own way.

You are on a quest, not a drive to the office

If it were easy and well-known, everyone would be doing it. It’s not. You have chosen to strike out on an epic adventure. Some have gone before you and some are ready to join you.

You are used to driving to the office, you have done it for decades. The world out there has changed in the time since you came of age. That makes for more challenges for you. The way you did it all the times before won’t give you the same results.

You have something else going for you. Remember that you bring wisdom and connections. Use that.

Fellow travelers in this land, let’s do this together.

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