More Sales is NEVER About Marketing

There are only 3 ways to make more sales:

  • Sell more often to your existing customers
  • Sell more each time to your existing customers
  • Sell to more people

Only one of them is about selling to new customers and the most expensive one.

Selling to your existing customers is easy. They already know, like and trust you. You already know them, their situations and their needs. If you need more information how or what to sell them you only need to ask them! For heaven’s sake, just ask.

Make it Easy

The easiest way to sell more often is to make sure your sales process is easy. The less friction there, the more often people will do click the button, contact you or drop by.

Have a way to gently remind your customers. We all get busy. Would you be appreciative or irritated if your mechanic sent you a text or email (your preference) when you are due for an oil change?


Be Valuable

Making bigger sales is about providing all the value you can. Don’t stop when you are getting close. The biggest mistake I made with my bookkeeping service was in not having an easy, predictable way to sit down with our business owners on a regular basis to talk about their business. I knew I needed to do it, but the biggest hurdle was in believing that I could really help. I thought that I had to do it all in a couple of hours so I didn’t charge them too much. That’s impossible. I did a major disservice.

There is a balance that has to be made between providing more service and staying with your focus and your strengths. We were often asked to take on admin roles like sending out letters or being an answering service. We chose not to do those kinds of things because they were not part of our core competency of bookkeeping.

Tell Your Story

Start with your Why. Why you are in business, your values, your beliefs are every bit as important as the mechanics of what you sell. It is what makes you unique (ie your USP or unique selling proposition). “People don’t buy what you sell, they buy why you sell it.”

Tell your story Tell your Story


Own Your Story

I heard about a tea shop that wants to be a quiet place to get away, so they block internet and phone signals. Another tea shop wants to be the place you explore the world so they bring you the most unique teas. You won’t find Earl Grey or Orange Pekoe here.

Tell your story in everything you do. Your place of business, how you communicate, your rituals, your processes, your results are all parts in the way you tell your story.

One of the ways I used to tell our story was to run the Crystal Clear Lunch & Learn series. I believe in the power of community in small business so I created a way to bring us together on a regular basis to hear from and meet local experts.


Preach to the Converted

Convincing people to change is not easy. So why bother even trying. There are too many people who believe what you believe and it is easy to find them now. The more unique you are, the less effective will be mass marketing.

It is so much easier to take people a couple more steps along a path they are already on, than to ask them to switch paths. Hang out where they are, share what you know, and listen to what they have to say. Join that conversation. Never mind all the other people who could use what you offer. They’ll get it or they won’t and they are more likely to ‘get it’ from a friend who is already your customer than from you.


Word of Mouth

is the most powerful way to share your story. which is why you need to turn every one of your customers into…

Raving Fans

These are people who are so blown away with the results you give them, that they couldn’t not tell their friends if you asked them to.


The best way to get more sales is to focus all your attention and resources on your existing customers and make them ecstatic. Work closely and deeply with them to find out what they really need from you and give them that.

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