What is a Minimalist Business Part II – Uncluttered

The common perception of minimalism is about an uncluttered space. The outcome of decluttering space is an uncluttered life. Today we are talking about business. What does uncluttered look like in business?

Certainly, it’s our space. An uncluttered space makes it easy to move, to think and be creative. An uncluttered space makes it easier to focus on the task at hand, not on all the other things to be done. An uncluttered space is more welcoming to our customers. Think about shops and offices you have visited.

Work towards an uncluttered value proposition and business model. The fad these days is to pile on the bonuses like extra reports, ebooks and videos. Or to upsell, cross-sell and package our offerings. While these strategies  make the offer seem more valuable, they also feel bloated and come with obligations to store, manage or consumes these extras. Companies that focus on one thing and do it really well, thrive. Think about the Chicken Burger restaurant or Pete’s Frootique. You know what you will get there and you are not disappointed. Both of these have been around for decades and continue to thrive.

Having our mind uncluttered means we can focus deeply on what is most important at the moment. We choose that particular task because it gives us the most value in reaching where we want to be. We can do this by automating repetitive tasks and by storing things we need to remember in the most important place outside of our brain.

An uncluttered customer relationship is one where both sides are clear on what to expect and those expectations are met or exceeded. Communications are anticipated and provide what the customer is looking for. For instance weekly flyers from the grocery store. People who shop sales, look for them.

The hardest part of creating an uncluttered business is being clear on what we offer, to whom and how. After that, we can strip away the rest and focus on what is most important to reach those goals.

Your business can be this simple. Stay tuned for a deeper discussion in Part III.

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