Let’s Do It Together

If you are looking for a “program” you are in the wrong spot. You don’t need a cookie-cutter solution. You need what you need when you need it. I’m a strategist. Strategists look at your present, envision something new with you, and help you develop approaches to make your vision a reality. I work closely with you to find the right answer for you.

Am I a coach? A consultant? A counselor? A Cheerleader? An accountability partner? A researcher? A group facilitator? A cross-discipline explorer? A business author?

YES! I am all of those. I am what you need when you need it. I have training and experience in all of those roles. In fact, as a mother, I perform all of those roles daily on an as-needed, when-needed basis. I can do that for you.

One thing I am not is a business expert. You are the expert in your business and I know many experts we can tap as we need them. I can bring you perspective, cross-industry perspectives and fresh eyes.

We start where you are, with what you have and we figure out the best way forward given who you are.

The business owners I work with know the answers. They know their business. What they need is help in laying out a plan of action – which actions to take and in what order.

We are looking for the highest and best use of your time and energy. There is an answer that is the best fit for all your requirements. I can help you find that answer. Your answer will be different from the last person I worked with because you are a different person.

I believe you have everything you need to offer so much value to the right people, they will fall all over themselves to pay you well for it. We need to uncover that gem in you and buff it up to a radiant shine!

I believe that what you really want is a successful business that supports you. You define what successful means; what business means; what supports means and what you means.

I believe that a successful business that supports you has 4 strong cornerstones: environment, team, predictability and gives high value.

I believe you don’t need more information, you need to know how to take what’s already available and apply it to you.

I believe that my experience of 30 years as a serial entrepreneur, 15 years as owner of Crystal Clear Bookkeeping Ltd working very closely with 100’s of business owners, reading 1000’s of books and participating in world class events has given me the experience to give you exactly what you need as you need it. I’ve worked in food service, construction/building, environment, accounting and business support/training. I’ve been to sea with Bedford Institute of Oceanography; I’ve organized local, national and international motorcycle races. All this to say, I’ve done it, seen it, know someone or read about it.

YEB Reboot is a 9-month group program to get you more revenue and more profit for less effort. The next one is starting in May and I’m only taking 8 people. Nova Scotia business may be eligible for funding. If you are interested, get in touch.

Let’s get together and get you nudged onto the right path.

This is my favourite: Gather 3-7 of your buds, find us a quiet spot to hang out and we’ll spend 2 full days making a huge difference for all of you. Bonus is that you will still have each other to keep it going.

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