Mike helps Janet start

Mike knocked at Janet’s door at 9:30 in the evening.  “Have you been at this all day?”

“Just this evening. Most people aren’t home through the day.”

“Then, why did you need the estimates done this morning?”

“I needed to work on them today and I knew that once you got into your day, you wouldn’t have time until this evening.”
Mike handed Janet a folder. “What’s this?” Janet asked

“Your estimate. I had a friend of mine work on it to make it look more professional.”


“It’s important to look professional while running a business.”

“Mike! What happened to the estimates I did?”

“I told you to add 20%.to your costs.”

“But that’s a big job. Twenty percent is a lot.”

“So I did it for you and I added some for me, too.”

“Well, we can get the next job.”

“We got this job.”

“Are you serious? They are willing to pay that much for it?”

“Of course they are. The next bid was even 20% higher than this. I had to do some fast talking to convince them you can do a great job for this price.”

“I usually don’t get these kinds of jobs. I always thought it was because I bid too high.”

“No it’s because you bid too low and you don’t come across as a professional. Here are the cheques for the deposits.”

“Deposits? Cheques? What did you do?”

“I did the same thing with both of them. I added 20% and my fee and enough to pay my friend for his graphic work on your proposal packages. We mocked these up, but you can get them printed. My friend has some ideas about estimate templates, too. As we were working through these we noticed you had a line for travel for one, but not the other. If you have a template you can make sure you never miss anything.”

“Mike, how am I going to do these jobs well enough? For these prices, they are going to expect, well I don’t even know what.”
“Janet, you are a great roofer. Your crew know what to do. As for expectations: The first people want you cleaned up and out of the way by the time they get home at about 6:30. The second family would prefer you do the work next week while they are away. Their neighbour has a key if you need anything and the cheque when you are done. Watch out for him, he’s a retired engineer just itching to do something. You may find he wants to help.” Mike said with a smile, It sounded like Mike really got to know these people.

“And they even paid deposits. I hope we can do a good enough job for that price.”

“You’ll do a great job.”