I believe that small business will save the world.

It’s small business owners that support the local arts, sports and culture.  It’s small business owners who work with local government to make sure the water is clean, the electricity is flowing, the streets are safe and clean, and the community is the best it can be.

I believe I can help small business owners craft their businesses to be easier, so they will have the time and resources to make their communities better.

Everything else in your business comes from your WHY.  What work you do, with whom you work, how much you charge, even what paper you use (or don’t).   It all comes from deeply understanding your WHY.  Start with your WHY.

Here is a great TED video of the bottom-line importance of your WHY.

Here’s a great worksheet from Lance Secretan to help you drill down to your WHY.


What’s your WHY?