Your Minimalist Business

A minimalist business is uncluttered, deeply niched, automated, with a simple, profitable business model based on your strengths. See previous posts for what that looks like.

Other than being part of a fad, why would you do this?

You will be more profitable. You will have more capacity within your business to work on interesting projects. Your business will be more valuable, if you choose to sell it. You will love your business again because it will be fun and easy.

You will have more time

When your space is uncluttered, it is easier to find things. Automation will free your time. Delivering only what is most valuable takes less time.

You will have more energy

Automation frees you from worrying about the details. Working from your strengths means better results from less effort. Loose ends, clutter, bloat and non-clarity all suck your energy.

You will have more money

Focusing on a single deep niche means you can charge more. A business model that gets at the heart of what your customers want and your strengths is very profitable. Automation usually saves money, when done appropriately and well, take the time to do it right.

I’m sold, now what?

Start where you feel the most pain – time, money or energy. Look for the low hanging fruit. I find working on these projects in that first hour of the day is essential to accomplishing anything. You’ll still feel like you have run out of time at the end of the day, but you will be making progress to a better business.

Your business can be this simple. Stay tuned for a deeper discussions.

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What is a Minimalist Business Part III – Deeply Niched

A minimalist Business is deeply niched and that means it provides one service. A deeply niched business knows their customers well and the exact problem the business can solve for their customers. They know their customer’s needs, fears, aspirations and dreams. They know how to find their customers, what to say to them and what offer will make them buy. The deeply niched business focuses all their attention on becoming experts at understanding and empathizing with their customers and the problem they solve

The deeply niched business focuses all their attention on becoming experts at the solution they provide. They learn and practice until they are experts.They gather stories, case studies and best practices. It becomes easier to do the work and make their customer happy. The deeply niched business can charge more per hour because of efficiencies or because of competencies.

With a deeply niched business, one of two things happens: the business becomes very efficient and does volume business or they become the type of specialists that offer a service that goes deep for a small number of customers.

Your business can be this simple. Stay tuned for a deeper discussion in Part IV.