Only putting out fires won’t build Your Effortless Business

It’s a long weekend here so I’m working in the garden doing a few things while I give myself time and space to think. At first, I wandered around overwhelmed by how much work needs to be done.

Finally, I stopped and did a couple of little chores. I cleaned up a bed by the deck so I can plant a few flowers there. I cut the grass around another group of flowers, I will likely plant a shrub there that I have languishing in a pot on my deck. I hilled the potatoes. Doing those things got those chores done, but it didn’t do anything to improve our overall garden. I will plop that languishing shrub beside the tansys because I don’t know where else to put it and it needs planting.

We get overwhelmed by all we know we need to do to get our business working for us: refine our business model, revamp our offer, create a staff manual, write up our marketing plan, update our cash flow and budget, make our admin work, create a sales funnel…

The list goes on.

Fire brigade - Pernem station

No wonder we dive into the tactics andthe little fires. Those we can solve. But, while we do that, we  don’t move our business ahead, we don’t do anything to stop the same fires from flaring up again and we don’t work on  making our business effortless.

Working on putting out the fires is important, as long as we are strategic about it and working to make sure the same ones don’t keep coming back.

We need to be able to move from the micro to the macro level in making our business effortless. Both are important, both have their times and both must be done.

Micro levels like where to put your keys and macro levels like where to put your office. Some things are both: pricing is macro in how you position your business and micro in whether you go with $12.97, $12.98, $12.99 or $13.00.

Effortless in your strategies and in your tactics.

Effortless in knowing your story and telling it consistently and effortless in tying your twitter feed to your blog.

Effortless in locating your office so you can walk there every day and effortless in making your signs show people where you are.

Effortless in charging enough to perform the level of service you want and effortless in having a clear, predictable process for getting that money in.

Effortless in having the right equipment and tools to do the work and effortless in having a workspace that is ergonomic.

Effortless in defining and sharing your culture with everyone and effortless in serving tea and cookies to your guests.

Today’s chores in the garden include clearing more of the path to the field garden, preparing for some fruit trees and planting that poor little languishing shrub. These are chores that will have a more lasting effect and will make the garden more effortless.

Your Effortless Business is created from the big and the little things you do. The best place to start is with the little things to begin saving time to tackle the big things. Be thinking about the big things, too.

What big and little things are you doing in your business this week?