What is a Minimalist Business Part IV – Strengths based

Working from your strengths is using leverage. You will get better results with less effort. You will give better results making your customers even happier.

You will enjoy your work, encouraging you to focus more, get better and enjoy your work even more. We revel in gaining mastery and in doing our best. We experience flow (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flow_%28psychology%29) when we are working from our strengths. Flow is that wonderful place where we are so wrapped up in what we are doing, it feels like time stands still.

Your business sweet spot is that convergence of your strengths, your passions and what people need. It’s amazing how often your passion and your strengths converge. In fact it’s hard to know which comes first, your passion or your strength. When you are passionate you work harder, and the better you become, the more passionate you become.

A Minimalist Business built upon your strengths (and passions) will be easier to keep focused, will be more profitable and easier for you to manage.

Your business can be this simple. Stay tuned for a deeper discussion in Part V.


Should Your Team be Well-Balanced?

It’s not so that your team needs to be balanced. You need to know what your team’s focus is and what strengths are needed to meet that focus.

The Barcelona Soccer Team squad are all the same and all with the team’s strengths. They are dominating their league. They force the other teams to play to their style and the whole team is strong in their style.

I knew a team that was very creative. They brought in one person to be their process person. She drove everyone, including herself, nuts. I always wondered what happened there. I always assumed that they needed that process person and they just didn’t give her the space to do what she needed to do.

It could be that they were never going to use her processes and it was a matter of thinking they needed something they didn’t. It’s hard to say, because that project didn’t make it.

Daniel Pink author of Drive

Daniel Pink

Have a listen to this video of Daniel Pink and Marcus Buckingham talking about teams and strengths.

Marcus Buckingham