Week 6 – Wrap Up of Your Team

How did you do?

Do you feel less alone?

Have you planned any events or methods for connecting customers?

What are you doing differently for your staff?

Have you changed your marketing?

Are you part of a mastermind?

As Crystal Clear Bookkeeping becomes Crystal Clear Money Management for Small Business, we are keenly aware that we are starting with a solid customer base. This is one of our biggest assets. We are building this business around the questions and experiences of our business owners.





Week 6 – Important Members of Your Team


I can’t stress enough how important your mastermind group is to your success. They will cheer you on and be your biggest advocate when you are flying high. They will brainstorm with you, advise you and open doors for you when you need a hand. They will hug you, pat you on the back and kick you in the pants when you need that, too.

If you don’t have a mastermind group, think of 5 or 6 people in your community you really admire and ask them. Ask your peers. Look within your industry association or start one. Ask around at the next Chamber, Rotary or networking event you attend.

You can meet as often as you like. Weekly is great if people are busy trying new things and deep into business development. That keeps things moving. Monthly meetings are good for keeping things sailing smoothly. Quarterly are good for checking in and keeping an eye on economics and industry trends. If you feel like you want to meet weekly and those you invite are talking quarterly, you will have to keep looking. Expectations have to match.

There are many forms the meetings can take from very formal and structured to very free-form. Again, It depends what the group wants. You may even start with one type and find you morph into another. As long as everyone is benefiting.


You knew that your customers were one of the most important members of your team already. The more you can get them talking to and helping each other, the more value you bring. Hold events that bring people together. Share resources like bringing in speakers, negotiating bulk ticket prices for a group of you or building a small library.

The best way to grow your business is to make your current customers deliriously happy. They will spread the word for you. That means put more of your resources to customer satisfaction than to customer acquisition. Look to Zappos to see that principle in action.

Sell what they want and you can find that out by asking them.


Treat your staff the way you want them to treat your customers. With respect, caring, and professionalism.


the people you buy from are very attuned to industry trends. Ask them if you have a problem. They have likely seen it solved several different ways.

Vendors can also be a source of financing for growth. They have a vested interest in your success and growth.

Week 6 – Your Team Exercise

This week we will explore how we are not alone and there are many people who want to see us succeed and who can help us succeed.

Our exercise for this week is to open our eyes to all the people around us who want us to succeed.

Take a sheet of paper and list all the people on your team. Keep at it until you fill your page. Include people who help your business by keeping you moving, massage therapist, mechanic, instructor (you are taking a class in something creative, right?).

As you look over this list, ask yourself these questions:

Do they really know what we do? Can they tell others what we do?

Do they?

Do they know who we work best with?


Week 6 – Your Team

Sometimes it feels like we are working on our own because we have full responsibility for the success of our business. While no one will take that responsibility from us, there is a large group of people who are rooting for us, want to see us succeed and will help when we ask.

For Instance:

Asking your customers to bike to your shop by putting in a bike rack, may work for some. Putting together a compelling argument for your Mayor and Council to change the parking rules in front of your store, may work better. In fact, you might band with your neighbour shops, or your Economic Development group to look at the parking situation and make the changes that work for all of you.

Your customers want you to succeed, because they want what you offer. Your Mayor, Council and Economic Development Agency want you to succeed because you are part of what makes your community vibrant.

This is one example of how the people around you can help you and work with you.

Should Your Team be Well-Balanced?

It’s not so that your team needs to be balanced. You need to know what your team’s focus is and what strengths are needed to meet that focus.

The Barcelona Soccer Team squad are all the same and all with the team’s strengths. They are dominating their league. They force the other teams to play to their style and the whole team is strong in their style.

I knew a team that was very creative. They brought in one person to be their process person. She drove everyone, including herself, nuts. I always wondered what happened there. I always assumed that they needed that process person and they just didn’t give her the space to do what she needed to do.

It could be that they were never going to use her processes and it was a matter of thinking they needed something they didn’t. It’s hard to say, because that project didn’t make it.

Daniel Pink author of Drive

Daniel Pink

Have a listen to this video of Daniel Pink and Marcus Buckingham talking about teams and strengths.

Marcus Buckingham

First Meetings

I wrote on the Business Owners Success Club about getting out and how important it is to meet people.  I wrote about 2 people I met at a breakfast and I had planned on following up with them.

When I first meet someone I’m all ears, I want to find out about them.  I want to know what they are passionate about.  If I can help them, I do it.  I get a thrill from passing on a tip or a hint or a great resource.  My favourite, though is when I can connect 2 people I think will be able to help each other.  The ball, is then in their court.  I love doing that!

Once in a while a meet someone whose passion matches mine and that’s when I can practically hear that ‘Click’ sound.  Usually when we first meet we don’t have enough time to get into too much depth, so we set up a further meeting.

In this case, I met with both of them over the past 2 days to discuss a project having to do with automating accounting.  Both meetings went well, and in both cases we are moving forward to the next step.

In an initial meeting, I’m looking for values compatibility, for matched expectations and for personality fit.  I’m only trying to figure out if I want to keep talking to them – to set up the next meeting.  We’re exploring and asking questions.  Before we end the meeting, we agree on how and when to follow up and what we should do or bring for the next step.  We are still exploring, and in a lot of ways we are helping one another get clear about what we want.

That’s how you build a team: one person/group at a time.

Who have you clicked with recently?

Four Essential Components of an Effortless Business

It comes down to 4 things:


You know where you are and where you are going.  You know how to do what you want to do.  You know when to ask for help and from whom.

You know your why.  Your Business Model is clear.  You have policies and procedures in place that everyone follows.  You have an effective financial system (mostly automated) giving you the feedback you need to keep you moving forward.

Most surprises are good ones.


Your business can run without your direct input for the day-to-day running.  Everything is in place so you can give it your all.

Your information is stored appropriately and in a way that makes retrieval easy.  All repetitive tasks are automated.


The people around you support you and the work you do.  Your team can articulate the common goal; they understand how they fit into the big picture, everyone shares similar values.  Everyone brings their own unique value and everyone appreciates the value others bring.  The team is compatible and able to work independently.  You practice effective delegation.  You coach your team to communicate, collaborate and cooperate.


You offer true value.  You can do the work efficiently and cost-effectively.  You bill appropriately and you make it easy for others to pay you.

You have a marketing system in place that attracts the right customers and makes what you offer clear.  People feel they are getting a great deal when they work with you.

What do you think?  Does that sound right to you?  Which of these do you do well?  Which would you like to work on next?