Regain Your Passion

Love your business again

Get your passion back

I’ve been playing with this tag line as I think about

  • who is part of our customer team
  • how we can make what we offer predictable and work for you
  • our story and our web environment
  • the sustainable economic model to build

What are we trying to do here? The Sweet Spot of Business

Help you, yes, but what is the unique way we can do that for you? What do we have to offer that fits our strengths, passions and capabilities?

What will bring you so much value, you’d be nuts not to jump on it?

How can we bring you so much value you’ll pay us well and be happy to do it?

It is at the convergence of these three places that the sweet spot of business occurs.


Taking a page from Simon Sinek: what is our why? It is no less than saving the world, because you, yes, you, the small business owner who will save the world. In order to do that, you need to be in a place where you can. We can help you get there.

I’ve worked with enough people to know:

When you have passion you are energized, excited and creative.

When you banish the mundane you clear the way to do the work that matters.

You CAN build a business that’s part of the lifestyle you want to live.

After that, you help those around you. That’s inevitable. You already do help in the way that uses your strengths and interests. I want to support you in your business so you can do even more.

We’re talking about regaining and again and getting it back, because that is who we love to help. People who know that they have a great business, but it’s not working the way it should and could and it’s draining them now.

Your Effortless Business book is only the starting place. But it isn’t information you need. If it were, you’d be where you want to be already.

It’s sustained effort that will get you there

and a focus on what’s really important

It’s a belief that you can, otherwise you won’t even try.

It’s simple, but not easy.

It must be predictable, within a nurturing environment, with a group of people supporting you and the business model must be sound.


So how about it? I’m asking you. What do you need? How can we help you? How can we deliver what you need? We have it, we’ve done it before, but what’s the best way for you to receive it, so it works for you?

What will it take for you to regain your passion and build the business of your dreams?




I believe that small business will save the world.

It’s small business owners that support the local arts, sports and culture.  It’s small business owners who work with local government to make sure the water is clean, the electricity is flowing, the streets are safe and clean, and the community is the best it can be.

I believe I can help small business owners craft their businesses to be easier, so they will have the time and resources to make their communities better.

Everything else in your business comes from your WHY.  What work you do, with whom you work, how much you charge, even what paper you use (or don’t).   It all comes from deeply understanding your WHY.  Start with your WHY.

Here is a great TED video of the bottom-line importance of your WHY.

Here’s a great worksheet from Lance Secretan to help you drill down to your WHY.

What’s your WHY?