YEB – Business Strategy Workshop Series

YEB – Business Strategy Workshop Series

Do you need more sales?

Do you have lots of Ideas, but don’t know which to do first?

About how to make more profit?

About how to make Your Effortless Business?

Because those are the 2 things you would most like to have in your business, aren’t they? –

more profit for less effort

You have tons of ideas about how to be more profitable, how to make more sales and then how to streamline things in your business. If you are like most people, you have so many ideas about what you can do with your business, that you are paralyzed. You start with one (the shiny one), but because you aren’t sure it’s the best idea, you don’t invest the time and energy to learn how to make it really work. Then you get caught up in the swirl of the everyday mundane and lose track. The idea stays in the back of your mind, popping up every now and then just to tease you and make you feel inadequate. You renew your conviction that tomorrow you’ll carve out a bit of time to really work on that idea, or the other one or that new thing you read about this morning.

You have this constant sense of unease that you could and should be doing more to work ON your business not just in it.

But what does that mean and how do you figure it out?

Which of all those ideas and all the other ideas ‘out there’ are the right ones for you and your business?

How do you make all those ideas work for you?

Happy Customer

Think of it this way:

The way to get more customers and make more profit is to make your customers ecstatically happy.

To make your business effortless and to support you in making your customers ecstatically happy, instead of Marketing, Operations, HR and Accounting, think:

  • Creating an Environment that helps you help them,
  • Building a team that includes your customers,
  • Making it automatic and predictable,
  • Exchanging so much value you both profit handsomely

That’s a great start in evaluating your ideas. But it’s not enough.

I wrote the book on it and I am still learning the power of that mind shift. Now I want to give you the tools to make it happen.

Through much trial and error, through years of study and through interviewing many, many people I have found several powerful tools to help you figure this all out. My true strength is in taking ideas from one context, mashing them up and applying them in other ways.

Lately I’ve been fascinated with the Startup culture. There is a tonne of research going on and lots of sharing of stories. I can see where some of it applies to mature business, too. I want to share what I have learned with you to help you figure out your best way forward to give you maximum profit for minimum effort. That’s not a cop out! That’s smart business!

Join us for a 3-Pack of workshops to learn how to test your ideas and choose which ideas to work on first. You will learn the best ways to figure out how to make them work for you.

Learn how you can harness today’s business tools, thinking and automation to make your customers into raving fans and your business effortless. Come ready to work, you will apply these tools to your own business.

Lean Canvas is a tool to delve deep into your business model. You look at customer/problem fit – why do your customers come to you? You will look at problem/solution fit – how can you tailor your services and offer to solve your customers’ problem? The model looks at costs, revenue, delivery, engagement, resources you need and what your particular, unique sweet spot is within the whole business landscape.

When you are clear on your business model, many of those ideas you have will make more sense. some will fall away as cool, but inappropriate, others will clearly be the ones to follow through.

Business strategy is how you execute on what you have discovered in your business model. This is where the rubber meets the road. All your ideas will be slotted in and evaluated. If you don’t have a clear strategy for your business, you are wandering around without a road map.

Telling your story is the new marketing. Once you know what you are doing and how you are doing it, it’s time to tell the world.





STRATEGIC THINKING: take your business to the Stratosphere  March 27

Strategic thinking is a method for clarifying where you are, envisioning a different future and planning the steps to get you there. You have tons of ideas.  What to do isn’t really a problem. Figuring out which to do first and how to do them is.  In this workshop you will prioritize your ideas and create action plans so you can get them done. You will work on your business, not just the theory.



TELLING YOUR STORY Why do we want to do business with you? April 24

AKA Marketing. What is your story? You will do the exercises to uncover the gem of your story. We will work together to find the best ways for you to tell that story. It’s all on the table: traditional, innovative and social media.


8am – noon each day, come prepared to work and make huge progress!

All materials, breakfast and nutrition breaks included

only $200 each or $500 for the full series of all three workshops.

plus tax

Register now



This is for you if:

You have been in business for more than 10 years.

You are clearly past the startup phase.

Business Owner

It’s time to become more strategic in your business.

You have plenty of ideas, but you aren’t sure which ones are best for your customers and your business.

You want to learn how to use the tools you need to make your business work


Here’s what people say:

“Doing the work and writing it down forces you to ‘see’ it”

“Thought provoking and informative”

“I enjoyed workshop, got a lot of good feedback”

Register now

photo:Zeetz Jones

photo: Alex Roe

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