Your Effortless Business – group retreat

This retreat is for business owners who have been in business for a while and feel like they are stuck in second gear.

This retreat is for business owners who have plenty of ideas, but don’t know how to implement them or in what order.

This retreat is for business owners who know the power of working together.

I’ve worked closely with 100’s of business owners mostly with 5, 10, 15 years in their business. Every one of them had a list of ideas, initiatives and actions they wanted to implement, but they didn’t know where to start. The biggest question they have is… am I still on track? Am I still making progress to where I want to go? Which, of all the ideas I have will get me where I want to go.

There are a couple of reasons for feeling that way:

  • The world has changed and you can feel that what you are doing is not in tune with the way the world around you is dancing.
  • You have changed, or your circumstances have changed. What you wanted 10, 15, 20 years ago may be very different than what you want now. That means you may need to look closely at where you are headed to make sure that what you are doing will still get you there.
  • The dreams and vision you had are feeling constrained. You are feeling like you weren’t dreaming big enough. Maybe you need to stop for a while and realize your big new dreams. With new dreams comes the need to find new ways to get there. Is your business holding you back or keeping up with your dreams?

We all have these feelings and you can get over them by sharing them and working together.

It’s time to make it stop. and I can help.

I bring 100’s of case studies and the latest research about other people just like you who have grabbed hold and created the lives of their dreams. We’ll start high-level, but quickly get to the most important ways that are customized to each of you, your businesses and where you want to go.

You bring a group of you together with commitment to focus on this for 2 days.

Together we create clarity, strategy and a plan to put you back on your path.

Bring together a group of 4-8. You should all be at about the same mature stage of business. Find a spot where we can hole up for a couple of days. It would be perfect if someone has a cottage, a boat or a city/country house. It should be ‘away’ for everyone in the group. Locally, we have a kids’ camp that hosts retreats in the off season for a reasonable price, with the bonus of supporting the camp.

You need to stop and make sure you are still heading in the right direction.

Give yourself the gift of this retreat to focus on your business, knowing I will be right there guiding you and your group will help you carry on.

What would it be like to jump out of bed, raring to go knowing you are on the right path to bring you closer, every day, to the life you dream about?

Oh, to be clear about your next steps – what to do and how to do it!

That’s what you can expect in working with me.

Your group guided retreat is designed to draw out what you already know using tools I’ve honed working closely with 100’s of business owners just like you.  Once your destination is clear, we can turn our attention to how to get you there.

People are living the most amazing lives and you can, too. I can give you the inspiration of others doing it and help you see that you are not as far away as you may think you are from that life you want and deserve,

I know you can do this

You see, most of us know, deep down inside what we really really want. and without even trying to, we make moves in that direction. But we pull ourselves back and we deny ourselves the satisfaction and the permission to go all in and DO IT!

I can help you find those baby steps you’ve already taken and show you how, when you let it, it has already worked for you.

Here’s what you really want

A fulfilling, adventurous, loving life – however you define that.

Your Effortless Business supporting you in that life.

Here’s what you can expect:

contact me here and we’ll book your date. You will need to clear 2 full days for this and find the spot locally.

I’ll send you your Effortless Life, Effortless Business Discovery Workbook. You each fill it in and return it at least 5 days before. I want to be fully immersed in your businesses when we get together.

I’ll send you whatever homework you need to do to prepare. I will design the program using your feedback and the needs/opportunities of your facility.

OUTCOME: By the end of the retreat you will have produced a detailed map for how to implement your strategy. You will have a clear vision of where you are going and you will have a strategy for the best way to get there.

OUTCOME: You will have built the foundation of a support and accountability group to keep you moving forward.

OUTCOME: I will send you a tool case with links, ideas, tips, tools and tactics that come up through our day together so you will have all that in one place.

All this:

  • Effortless Life, Effortless Business Discovery Workbook,
  • I’ll be there for the full 2 day retreat
  • and the followup tool case

for only $2500 plus my expenses. You can split that up in whatever way makes sense to you.

Get in touch and let’s make the arrangements.

A retreat for you.

A retreat for you to think deeply about your life and your business.

A retreat for you to take action to get you to that life you really want.

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