What is a Minimalist Business Part VI – Automated

There are so many opportunities to automate that if you are like everyone else, and of course you are, then you are overwhelmed. “There’s an app for that.” is part of our lexicon now. Which is great when you need your phone to be a flashlight or alerts about the weather while you are traveling. When you  feel like you spend every minute of the day doing what you do, trying to find the time to figure out better ways of doing that feels impossible.

Here’s the thing, every time you do it, you free up more time to work on what is most important. That gives you more results with less effort.

When you automate tasks that are done over and over, you create capacity to offer custom experiences in the areas of your business where it matters most. Most people don’t need or want a customized approach to buying your offering. They want a standard, automated process. They do want their questions answered about how your solution applies to their particular situation.

Free your mind of worrying or keeping track of things that recur. Automate bill paying; schedule notices to be sent; pop up reminders, searchable filing systems, one-click processes. All of these are ways to clear out the clutter in your brain to focus on what is most important.

Make it easier for your customers to engage with you. Let them schedule their own appointments, make the buying or engagement process easy, make it painless to share your story. Use automation tools to monitor your social media so you can be a part of the conversation.


Take it one step at a time. Look at all the things you do.for the things that take your focus away from where you give the most value. Look for things that suck your energy. Look for things that create bottlenecks.

Ask others what they automate and what they recommend.

Gather a couple of you to create a mastermind group to explore one piece at a time – together. You can pool resources and share best practices. You can take turns being the guinea pig.

Your business can be this simple. Stay tuned for a deeper discussion in Part VII.

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